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Low cost software solutions for medical associations and scientific societies. Software that has been already implemented for international meetings and congresses in Spain, France, UK and Germany, with delegates from all continents. Now it is available for your medical association, scientific society, research group, study group or scientific club.

Membership Management

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  • Personal information
  • Institutional information
  • Invoice data
  • Profile photo
  • Curriculum and selected publications



  • Fee categories (individual, double, groups...)
  • Several types of fees (full, students, retired...)
  • Subscription to publications
  • Workshops or activities registration fees
  • Groups and institutional membership



  • Invoice generated automatically
  • Payment processed by PayPal included; or any other payment provider (not included)
  • Payment by bank transfer



  • Downloadable documents grouped by categories
  • Image or photo gallery, in several categories



  • Election process for committees, council or chairs
  • Several positions and candidates
  • Deadlines management
  • Voting process by each member
  • Once closed, votes list of results



  • Templates available for usual newsletters (reminders, announcements...)
  • Destination selection:  members only, or full database
  • Lists of sended, received and opened emails 
  • Sended newsletter history for copying and pasting



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1Society The LOW COST on-line solutions for Scientific Societies membership, recurring payments, voting system for committees, and abstracts submission. 1Society.net
Scientific Society Membership Management
1Society: The LOW COST software for membership and meetings

1SocietyScientific Society Membership Management. Low cost membership solutions. 1SocietyScientific Society Membership Management. Low cost membership solutions. 1society.net

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